Global Resources for Next Generation Enterprises

Posted on January 19, 2011 by


The rules of business are changing all around us. From purely competitive to collaborative, from workforce to ecosystem, from lab to crowd-sourcing, from marketing to social media, from focus to adjacency.

There is no single place you can go to and find the latest information, meet the leading experts and get all the resources you need to keep your executive team informed, on top of the detail, and ready to implement. Until now.

NGE Business Accelerator was founded by me; Mike Glavich, a seasoned enterprise intelligence and executive education expert, to provide you with just that – all of the resources in one single place.

This Think Tank is our vehicle for interaction and our objective is to provide you with the tools you need to adopt the right strategies – whether that is in respect of the adoption of E2.0 platforms, the use of social media, collaboration, customization and co-creation with the customer and beyond; with innovation strategies, the deployment of business ecosystems, or the upcoming significance of the Cloud.

If it is a part of the new business environment, you will find it here, including your point of contact with the global subject matter specialists, people who have taken the time to grow their expertise and now lead the field in thinking through the implications of these innovative business techniques.

Please spend some time interacting on the site with peer executives, faculty and this group of subject matter experts….you have my promise it will be time well-spent!